putting you and your business first - that's what zen strategy is all about!

all about you.

I could start by saying I’m Neil Robinson and started a consultancy way back in 2000 that I called LANZen.

Maybe I could tell you about the City clients I had – celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was just one client I’ve helped get started.

zen strategy?

And like the Internet, LANZen has evolved. Its now zen strategy.

zen strategy’s based in Cheshire, helping local businesses.

Nice to hear, but its all about me.

What you’d probably prefer to hear about is what the Internet can really do for you and how it can grow your business.

How easy it’ll be to manage, too.

Oh, and no silly bill when I’ve finished.

how I can help.

Want a new website? zen strategy designs great websites. Sites that mean business.

But not some website that just looks pretty. Responsive sites.

That means that the site that works great on your PC, will work great on tablets and mobile devices too.

So you’ll just have to buy one website and have only one site to look after, not two.

Isn’t that starting to make sense already?

Well, there’s more!

social strategy.

Can’t face Facebook, you don’t give a hoot about Twitter maybe have little interest in Pinterest?

I’ll show you how you could be wasting your time NOT talking on social networks!

These are channels that can drive your business forward.

I can show you how they’ll work for you.

Let’s talk. Today.

07710 634 616