zen strategy will make sure your site visitors love your business.

30 seconds.

That’s about the time that you will have to convince a new site visitor they should be buying their product or service from you.

Just half a minute to get it right, or get it wrong and you lose their business.

The Internet can be pretty brutal for any company, let alone a new business with a tight budget.

When your business can’t afford to get it wrong, that’s when you need to call for zen strategy.

get out in front.

OK. So you’ve got a beautiful website. The page content’s well-written and its all looking great.

But it isn’t going to work if people don’t know its there.

Sites aren’t shops, no one is walking past, you’ve no footfall.

Visitors must be led to your new website.

And that’s the search engines job. But they must score your site above all the others in the same market.

I make sure they do.

responsive on PC, tablet & mobile.

Nowadays, we never know how a website will be viewed.

PC to a smartphone, your website needs to always provide a rich user experience. Such sites are called responsive designs.

great code,
great sites.

zen strategy creates responsive websites using the very latest web technology like HTML5/CSS3.

Sites built using the world’s most popular platform, WordPress.

Isn’t it time you had a real website that will work for you and your growing business?

call zen strategy.
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